I care deeply about meaningful learning.

I often tell people that I hid away in education for as long as possible i.e. until I ran out of degrees! I studied French and Latin at the University of Cambridge, loving the way in which this unusual combination opened a window onto the development of language and ideas over 2,000 years of World History.

I got curious about how people create identities in opposition to each other and the hows and whys of stereotypes. To satisfy this interest, I pursued an MPhil in European Literature & Culture, also at Cambridge, and then won competitive funding to undertake PhD research on identity and travel in the Early Modern period in the French Department at University College London (UCL).

All the while, I started flexing my teaching muscles – I lectured and tutored for a History module on Anglo-French relations in Cambridge, led seminars on French Literature at UCL and worked extensively with individual students and groups, both through developing my private tution practice and through collaboration with the UK-based charitable organisation, Villiers Park Educational Trust. After finishing my PhD I had a spell in the classroom; that was quite the learning curve. I was meanwhile super fortunate to be given the opportunity to pair my love of music and education by becoming a trustee of the UK-registered charity, The Muze Trust (Music for Zambian Education).

I have always been a keen learner, burning with curiosity to explore new horizons of knowledge and ideas. I have always been a passionate educator, chomping at the bit to pass on what I have learnt to my students, not least to help them avoid the pitfalls I fell into – cue the hours upon hours I misspent in school and university libraries!

I couple my education coaching with my growing education consultancy work with education outfits around the world, including EdTech start-ups and NGOs, and advocacy work – writing and publishing – on the need for connected and critical C21st education for all. 


Finally, I should add that I see my coaching work as a symbiotic learning experience – young people have so much to teach us if only we give them the safe supportive space to express themselves and, above all, we listen!


Interested in my complementary education consultancy work?

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